Boultham Park Sensory Garden Competition

Details and specification

Competition Details

The Rotary Club of Lincoln Colonia is looking for amateur gardeners and aspiring garden designers to help them create a sensory garden for Boultham Park. In partnership with Linkage Community Trust and City of Lincoln Council, the Rotary Club are launching a competition that will see the existing beds outside of the café in Boultham Park turned into a sensory garden area for visitors to the park to enjoy. Following selection by a committee of all interested parties, the Rotary Club will then fund the development of the winning design and the creation of the garden, ready for an official opening in the Spring of 2022.

The deadline for submission of entries is noon on 20th December 2021.

11Days 08Hours 23Minutes 05Seconds

Entries can be done by hand or on a computer and should include information on planning, planting, and any structural hard landscaping required along with an  overview of how the elements come together to create a sensory experience for everyone to enjoy.

Boultham Park is a very special area visited by the whole of the surrounding community where children can play, people can walk or bring their dogs and enjoy the natural surroundings which have undergone significant restoration in recent years. It is also the much loved home of Linkage Community Trust college in Lincoln, a place of learning for adults with Special Educational Needs.

The area to be transformed is a small area encompassing three beds situated outside of the Boultham Park Café. If you would like to see your garden design brought to life then we look forward to seeing your entry.

Details of how to enter and the criteria and specifications for the space are below:

Please submit your design drawings, contact details and inspirations / narrative for your design by email to

This email should not exceed 12 megabytes including any attachments. The preferred formats for design drawings are pdf or jpg.

Good luck and get designing!

Design brief and specifications

The sensory garden project should meet all of the following requirements:

  • it should be a sensory garden , or series of gardens, but it should also have visual appeal
  • it should have pollinators included in the design
  • as well as being available to all members of the public it should be especially accessible for the disabled/wheel chair users
  • it should be able to be used as a learning/educational resource (target audience primary schools)
  • sculptural work can be included
  • a clear plan for its long term care should be included, so that maintenance requirements can be assessed.

The competition is to design a sensory garden to be installed using the three existing beds, images and dimensions of which are as follows:

Bed 1 – dimensions (clockwise from top right)   2m x 10.7m x 4.9m x 9.8m

Bed 2 – dimensions (clockwise from top right corner) 4.9m x1 2.5m x 11.1m

Bed 3 – dimensions (clockwise from top right corner) 6.5m x 3.6m x 6.5m x 3.8m

Excavations are possible but should be limited to 0.5m. Beds may also be raised as part of the design.

Please include the following along with your design:

– A plant list (including rough estimates of quantities of each).

– A description of the sensory elements and how these are interacted with and the experience they can create.

– An idea of the budget required.

Judging criteria:

The entries will be judged by a panel (to include Rotary Club of Lincoln Colonia, City of Lincoln Council, Linkage Community Trust) using the following criteria.

  • How well the garden meets the brief
  • The creativity of the design
  • Budget and timeframe for the creation of the garden

The design should not include:

– plants that may be harmful to children or animals or any hazardous items.

The successful design will be selected and the winner notified by Friday 14th January 2022.

There is no prize money attached to this competition, although the winner will receive publicity as a part of the publicity attached to the development of the garden.

You can download (PDF) and print this full specification here. See map below for location.